Nothing speaks louder than a happy client. Here are just a few of the people we have helped live life with less pain.

“After having a torn pelvic floor misdiagnosed for ten years, I finally had pelvic floor repair surgery two years ago. Because of how long it took to find the problem, my body developed all kinds of compensation patterns that had me walking incorrectly, standing incorrectly, and otherwise moving every part of my body incorrectly. Some muscles were working too hard, others not hard enough. Some muscles knew they were alive, others thought they had been left for dead for ten years. I was truly desperate. Thankfully, I came across Marta, who has proved to be nothing short of a miracle for me. Her background in neuroscience, psychology, movement, and bodywork is ideal. She understands how the mind and the body work together. She understands how the different muscle groups work together. She understands that she doesn’t understand everything, and is humble enough to hit the books and do some research if she needs to. She’s always striving to be better, and as good as she was when I first met her, she has gotten better since. I can’t recommend her enough. She truly changed my life. ”
Alex Flint

“I’m an active middle age man that has always played a variety of sports. To this day, I enjoy basketball, weight lifting, running, swimming, and golf – my new obsession! Due to my competitive nature, I tend to overexert myself to the point of injury. After an injury, I usually seek professional help but never felt comfortable enough to return after the initial treatment ended. This went on for many, many years until I met Marta. Her knowledge of how the body works is incredible. Because of her knowledge, she is able to reduce the acute pain from a recent or a nagging, chronic injury and get you on the path to a quick and safe recovery. In addition to the immediate help she provides during the office visit, she also helps with specific stretches you can do at home to prevent future injuries. If you have a sports related injury, chronic back issues, or just find yourself with muscular aches and pains, you must see Marta. I promise she will exceed all expectations! ”
An eternally grateful customer!

“Before going to see Marta my body was electrocuting itself. I had shooting pains in my upper thigh and no personal trainer or chiropractor could make it better (I tried!). After just 1 session with Marta my pain started to dissipate. Seeing Marta weekly helped the pain disappear altogether. I, like many, sit in a chair on a computer for 10-12 hours a day and rely on Marta to make my back, neck, and leg pain disappear. Marta has such a thorough understanding of the human body, there is no better practitioner to understand and treat your ailments. I highly recommend her services. ”
Jennifer Diaz, Attorney

“I fell in NY city and tore a ligament in my rotator cuff. After 6 months of traditional therapy, restriction of movement improved very little and the pain was bad enough for me to decide to have the surgery doctors recommended. Then, just before having it, my nephew recommended Ms. Helliesen to me. After the first treatment I started to feel less pain and 5 sessions later almost full mobility returned. Now I am back to my normal activities, including swimming and yoga. I have to thank Marta. She is a real professional, knows her work and has outstanding work ethics.”
Miryam Flint