The True Stretch

The "True Stretch" expands the possibilities for a three-dimensional rehab process and improvement of flexibility. By anchoring the legs and arms in three or four places we prevent the body from compensating and can truly create new ways of moving.

The “True Stretch” was developed by my renowned teacher; Dr. Gary Gray. Its unique design vastly expands the options for rehabilitation as well as for stretching in all planes of motion.

All muscles function three-dimensionally, meaning that the muscle fibers within a given muscle are oriented in multiple planes of motion. This allows the tissue to be stretched and loaded in the sagittal, frontal and transverse plane.

In all movements, there is muscle lengthening (eccentric) and shortening (concentric), and when these occur simultaneously within the same muscle, we call it “econcentric.” In actuality, that means that during a movement, different parts of the same muscle are lengthened and shortened at the same time.

In other words, there is more to the hamstrings than flexing the knee, and there is more to the quadriceps than extending the knee or flexing the hip. If this feels confusing, good, you are on the right track to changing how you think about muscle function.

The biomechanically sophisticated “True Stretch” allow us to work in all planes of motion, load the muscles multi-dimensionally and stretch them just the same.