Rehabilitation Outside the Box

After any kind of surgery, from shoulder surgery and hip replacement, to knee repair and more, many issues can occur including reduced range of motion, muscle atrophy and neuromuscular confusion. Rehabilitation is critical.

Rehabilitation made Fun

Physical rehabilitation has many connotations, but the word fun is scarce in this context. It is furthermore thought of as a pure physical action, frequently ignoring the importance of mind and motivation as well as the power of the brain and its neuromuscular messages.

I come to the rehab table with the idea of discovery, of what you can do rather than what you can’t, and how you can do things differently. By the latter I mean different from before the surgery or injury that you are recovering from. If you go back to the old movement patterns, there is a high chance that you will encounter the same problem again in the not too distant future, and we want to avoid that.

Tailor Made

And what about a tailor made program to your particular injury and your unique body? It doesn’t matter that both you and your neighbor had hip replacement surgery. You have two unique bodies that need two different programs depending on each person’s strength, weaknesses and imbalances. To simply follow a one size fits all protocol for a given surgery, be it knee, shoulder or hip, is frequently proven less successful.

Rehab as a Creative Process

I think of rehab as a creative process between me, the therapist, and you, the client. We work as a team and we both give it our best. Yes, I am in charge, but without your effort we cannot win. I challenge you mentally and physically and together we create a fun, constructive process of movement, discovery and change. I incorporate manual manipulation as needed to break up scar tissue, hydrate and soften myofascial tissue, mobilize fixated joint capsules and quiet pain receptors.