Personal Training

Personal training should be simple, fun and true to functional biomechanics. Training is a tool to enhance quality of life, keep you injury free and create a resilient, movable body. The key is to train in three dimensions to prepare you for the demands of life and sports. Together, we honor your abilities and limits by tweaking each and every exercise in such a way that you can do it pain-free.

Three Dimensional Training

By “personal training” I mean personal, as in designed specifically for your body. What we all have in common is that our bodies move in three dimensions and thus need to be trained accordingly. By designing movements that are biomechanically correct, you are protected from getting injured, even when performing more complex movements. The training is always different, and makes mostly use of body weight and simple toys. The unique “True Stretch” adds to the option for working and stretching in all planes of motion.

Aging and Training

Unfortunately, as we move into middle age and older, our body loses some muscle mass and resilience, and it takes more work to fight gravity and stay fit. Even if you keep fairly active, your myofascia (muscle + fascia) tends to get more brittle and injury prone. The latter often manifests when something gets pulled as you reach for the towel or simply sneeze. In addition, the body’s brilliant compensations for postural imperfection and muscular imbalances start to falter at some point in middle age. In other words, the compensations decompensate and it can feel like an avalanche of injuries and pain is happening to you.

To prevent this, it is a must to condition the myofascial web by moving in all planes of motion, walking on the thread-mill is not going to cut it. And if you decide to pick up a sport again, don’t assume that because you were a good tennis player or skier 20 years ago you can go from the couch to the court or slope without any risk of injury. The whole neuro-musculoskeletal system needs to be rekindled and prepared for the movements of the given sport. I will help you restart and condition the chain reaction from foot to hand that is required for the activity that you want to engage in.

Training and Education

Based on a simple three dimensional movement analysis, we can detect muscle and joint imbalances in your body. Depending on what we see, and what your goals are, we create strategies for how to correct joints that are out of sync and strengthen muscles that are weak. The focus point of the training is variety, to constantly surprise the body and keep the brain on “its toes.” In addition, it is key to always look for ways to incorporate functional training into your daily life. I teach you how to utilize the chain reaction from foot to hand whether you are cleaning, carrying, doing yard work, playing with your kid, or any other activities. By doing this, and by understanding how your body works, you not only make boring chores more fun, but you avoid repetitive stress injuries while getting stronger. The end result is that your body is balanced, can move with ease and fluidity, and is prepared for the sudden moves that life and sports throw at you.